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After School Program

In Bolivia, public education for the Quechua people was not provided until 1952. Therefore, many adults do not have a strong formal education and cannot help the children with homework or provide advanced learning. 


Due to a lack of teachers and a large population of children (50% of the population is under the age of 18), there are two sessions of school daily, morning and afternoon. With parents working, children spend a large portion of their day unattended by adults.


Refugio Rafael offers a safe environment that enhances the children’s academic and social skills, while providing encouragement and mentoring through positive interaction with adults.


Approximately 100 neighborhood children attend the afterschool program. Former school principal Ernesto Inochea and social worker Claribel Rivero provide homework assistance, tutoring, and special educational programs. 


The school building and playground are complete. Plans are underway to create a soccer field and expand the library. We are currently fundraising to support over 300 students educations this academic year. 

Wish List


Monetary and In-kind Gifts

  Funding for operational expenses

  Spanish children's books for library

  Writing material & art supplies


  Soccer equipment

  Storage cabinets


Volunteer Help


  Grant writing

  On-site teaching assistance



Refugio Rafael

is located in the heart of a Quechua community outside the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia. People in this Andes Mountain agricultural area provide for their families through roadside markets and day labor. Living conditions in the villages are simple and electricity is limited. There may be no indoor plumbing and clothes may be washed by hand. Small vegetable gardens and chickens provide food. Meals are prepared on small propane burners. 

The Refugio is a unique  community support facility, staffed by local people and assisted by international partners. We provide supplemental education, economic development, medical assistance, and a secure home for families.


After School Program

The Community Center classrooms and dedicated educators provide over 100  children with homework help, tutoring,  mentorship, creative play, and storytelling.


Economic Development 

The refuge provides work space and mentors for artisans to develop handcrafts and goods for local and international markets.


Health and Wellness

A health and wellness program provides education and support for community members. The Health Clinic will provide  medical/dental consultation.



A Secure Home

Housing units and staff provide a place where families at risk can be supported in a traditional home setting. Families receive housing, food assistance, medical, and social services. 

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